in Commemoration of the events of May 1, 2011

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Gold Justice Coin

This rare commemorative coin layered in 24 karat gold pays tribute to the heroic team who carried out Operation Neptune Spear, featuring the courageous Seal Team 6, their secret stealth helicopter and the historical date May 1, 2011 engraved below them.

On the other side of the coin, you will see the tragic reminders: The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 - he places that were affected by events that took place on the tragic day September 11, 2001.

Silver Justice Coin

As a thank you for purchasing our Limited Edition gold layered Justice Coin, we will also send you the Silver Edition Coin to keep or give as a gift. Over $70 value.

2 Acrylic Protective Capsules

Custom-made acrylic piece designed to preserve both Gold and Silver Justice Coins. The best way to preserve and protect the value of your coins.

Military Briefing Pack

You will even receive Operation Neptune Spear military briefing package so you can view photographs, maps, and operational details of the events that took place on the historical date May 1, 2011. $79 value.

Gold Lapel Pin

Patriotic Lapel Pin of the American flag as a symbol of the historic events America has witnessed and bravely overcome.

Certificate of Authenticity

Individually numbered certificate absolutely FREE with your order today. Preserve the value
of your coin with the proof of purchase and a personal registration number.

Operation Neptune Spear Commemorated with this rare collectors set

The horrific events of September 11, 2001 will live in infamy in the hearts of all Americans. After 10 long years, our nation savored the taste of Justice with the completion of Seal Team 6's mission, Operation Neptune Spear.

Commemorate these brave individuals and pay tribute to our country with the Historic Coin Mint™ Justice Coin.

The Justice Coin is a collectors item and layered in 24 karat gold, the silver edition is layered in silver. This package is valued at over $260, but for a limited time is now available for $19.95 in celebration of our victory over terrorism.